It takes more than books and computers to educate children. Preparing them for the world takes great teachers, administrators and staff who are dedicated and committed to shaping the future. Children rely on and look forward to seeing these familiar faces every day as part of their school experience.

But if these valuable people fall ill, it can have a negative impact on a child’s progress and ability to learn. We understand the importance of keeping your staff healthy, and we understand the struggle to provide quality benefits at an affordable price. There is a solution for this balancing act.

The Independent School Benefits Consortium™ (ISBC) is a national health care platform designed to provide benefits to independent schools in a cost-effective manner. With the help of Oswald and ISBC, your school will run more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of children, staff and your community as a whole.


Independent School Benefits Consortium™

Founded in 2003, ISBC is an employee benefits solution for independent schools built on the purpose to improve accessibility, advance service and support strategic planning. Through our self-funded captive, we are proud to offer solutions designed specific to the needs of independent schools.

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