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Group Health Plan Advisory: COVID-19 Vaccine: Where to Find Information on Next Steps

Employers, employees and families are all clamoring for more information on how to take care of their employees and families by getting them access to the COVID vaccination. Oswald Companies will continue to provide our customers with a steady flow of information based on the most reliable resources in the market. (Source: You may already […]

Employee Benefits Advisory: Understanding Amazon Pharmacy and Amazon PrimeRx

Amazon recently announced two new pharmacy offerings; Amazon Pharmacy gives individuals the ability to complete their entire pharmacy prescription transaction online, and Amazon PrimeRx, which is a discount program for Prime members to provide savings when not using insurance. Amazon Pharmacy Amazon Pharmacy service allows individuals to purchase up to a 30-day supply of their […]

COVID-19 Vaccine: Preparing Your Workforce

The next phase of COVID-19 includes the introduction of the vaccine. In addition to the protocols employers introduced to ensure safety among employees, it is time to address how your company will establish a policy regarding the vaccine and the potential vaccination of your workforce. Oswald Companies and Oswald Labs continue to track the latest developments to […]


Independent School Benefits Consortium

Founded in 2003, ISBC is an employee benefits solution for independent schools built on the purpose to improve accessibility, advance service and support strategic planning. Through our self-funded captive, we are proud to offer solutions designed specific to the needs of independent schools.

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