Self-Funded Stop-Loss Captives: A Better School of Thought [Whitepaper]

Imagine an employee benefits plan that is flexible, transparent, and allows your school to retain 100% of the unused claims dollars. The Independent School Benefits Consortiumâ„¢ (ISBC) embodies that vision.

Instead of buying insurance for health-related expenses such as office visits, office procedures and maintenance medication, self-funded plans pay these expected claims as an expense and buy stop-loss insurance for the unpredictable claims. Aggregate stop-loss protects self-funded plans from overall high frequency of claims in any one plan year, while specific stop-loss provides protection from high individual or catastrophic claims.
The aggregate attachment point, or maximum claim liability, is determined based on a corridor (usually 120%) over total expected claims. The specific deductible is determined based on the size of the group and level of risk an employer is willing to accept. Click HERE to continue reading.