On-Demand Webinar | Wellness Reset: For Personal, Family and Professional Well-Being


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Event Summary:

Given the choice, we’d all like to hit the reset button on 2020. Our reality is personal and our challenges are unique. At this stage, call it anything but new or normal.

With our physical, mental and emotional health at constant risk, along with the strains of social unrest, and anxieties associated with remote work and schooling, we need more than good advice; we need real conversation, critical tools and the path toward action.

Business leaders, working parents, and experts in their wellness spaces, Chris, Shauna and Aneta address your urgent concerns, and offer personal insight and resources to help you focus in the moment…and thrive on the long road ahead.

Guest Speakers:

Commonly known as “SparkGuy,” Chris created www.SparkPeople.com, one of the largest healthy lifestyle communities online, and is a co-founder of Spark360, the company behind revolutionary behavior modification technology and integrated healthcare and wellness solutions used by millions of consumers to change their lives for the better. He is a New York Times best selling author of, “The Spark” and has been featured on national and global media throughout his career. A highly recognized entrepreneur and business leader, Chris previously co-founded up4sale.com that was acquired by eBay. Through his health experiences and personal challenges, he set a new career mission and life course through the creation of SparkPeople and community of Spark brands.

  • Shauna Hibbitts, Founder of eNannylink.com, Early Childhood and Childcare Specialist

Shauna is a bi-lingual early childhood educator of over 25 plus years, caring for and teaching over 10,000 children during her career. She founded eNannyLink.com that provides comprehensive tools and services on everything childcare for families. She is a frequent speaker, blogger and host of the YouTube Kids program, “StoryTime with Mrs. Shauna.”  She has recently launched a NannyLink Agency finding precise matches for families in Greater Cleveland. Learn more.

Aneta is an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, Life Coach and Executive Coach who combines more than 25 years of business acumen and corporate experience in the financial industry, with strategic consultation and wellness certifications through her coaching and consulting firm. She believes that we all seek to become healthier versions of ourselves, yet, many of us find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed and overextended. Her passion is helping guide individuals, organizations and teams, to create cultures of mindful leadership to increase focus, creativity and productivity, along with wellness programs to help teams achieve optimal health. Read more.

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In 2020, Oswald’s mission of caring went mobile. In her role, Christina has led the organization’s strategy and efforts to keep clients, partners, and employees, both informed and engaged, through advanced advisory programs and real-time digital communications. She leads community service initiatives both inside and outside of Oswald. She is the founder of the parenting resource site and community DownWithSpitUp.com and supports creative, coaching and consulting work through her company ChristinaCSMedia.com

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The event is presented by Oswald Companies as a program of OswaldThrives, the firm’s wellness collaborative.