Self-Funded Stop-Loss Captives: A Better School of Thought [Whitepaper]

Imagine an employee benefits plan that is flexible, transparent, and allows your school to retain 100% of the unused claims dollars. The Independent School Benefits Consortium™ (ISBC) embodies that vision. Instead of buying insurance for health-related expenses such as office visits, office procedures and maintenance medication, self-funded plans pay these expected claims as an expense […]

Great reference by Oswald president Dave Jacobs on our specialty Schools Practice in the Marsh Berry Counterpoint article. MarshBerryCounterPoint_MythBusters-January2018

Self-Funded Stop-Loss Captives: A Better School of Thought [Whitepaper]

As health insurance costs continue to escalate and uncertainty in the marketplace persists, self-funded stop-loss captives offer a cost-effective method for employers to better manage their group health insurance plans. In the past, self-funding was only a viable funding alternative for larger employers. Now, group captives have also made self-funding attractive to smaller organizations with […]

Health Advocate Resources

The presentation is an overview of the program and features currently available to the employer and their employees through Health Advocate.  This overview is presented by Pam Spengler, our ISBC account representative with Health Advocate.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the ISBC team for more information, posters and information to distribute to employees.  […]

ISBC Announces 2016 Healthy School Award Program Recipients

The Independent School Benefits Consortium™ (ISBC) is proud to announce its first annual Healthy School Award Winners. This proprietary awards program was established in 2015 to recognize independent schools that embrace a culture of well-being by promoting a healthy lifestyle and environment that positively impacts the lives of the scholastic family and the community. The […]