Employee Benefits Advisory: Understanding Amazon Pharmacy and Amazon PrimeRx

Amazon recently announced two new pharmacy offerings; Amazon Pharmacy gives individuals the ability to complete their entire pharmacy prescription transaction online, and Amazon PrimeRx, which is a discount program for Prime members to provide savings when not using insurance. Amazon Pharmacy Amazon Pharmacy service allows individuals to purchase up to a 30-day supply of their […]

On-Demand Webinar | Wellness Reset: For Personal, Family and Professional Well-Being

WATCH FULL WEBCAST (Password: wellness2020!) Event Summary: Given the choice, we’d all like to hit the reset button on 2020. Our reality is personal and our challenges are unique. At this stage, call it anything but new or normal. With our physical, mental and emotional health at constant risk, along with the strains of social […]

Self-Funded Stop-Loss Captives: A Better School of Thought [Whitepaper]

Imagine an employee benefits plan that is flexible, transparent, and allows your school to retain 100% of the unused claims dollars. The Independent School Benefits Consortium™ (ISBC) embodies that vision. Instead of buying insurance for health-related expenses such as office visits, office procedures and maintenance medication, self-funded plans pay these expected claims as an expense […]