Assurex Partners

Strength through independence.

globe-chalkboard-webAssurex Global an exclusive Partnership of the most prominent independent insurance agents and brokers in the world. Partners of Assurex Global are carefully chosen and have undergone a rigorous selection process that has evaluated them on market position, history of growth, overall quality, breadth of services, integrity, commitment to serve their clients and the clients of other Partners around the globe.

Our clients benefit from this Partnership by having a local broker and consultant who serves as their principal contact, while having access to a global resource network to effectively manage risk and develop a cohesive and comprehensive plan.

Our Shareholders recognize that the personal connections and knowledge gained through years of doing business in the same community makes a true difference in delivering outstanding client service. Our Partnership makes it possible for independent brokers to deliver that unique local connection on a global basis. Assurex Global Shareholders are entrepreneurial, innovative, principled, loyal and focused on doing what’s right for the client.

ASG-Primary Tagline-CMYKSelection standards include:

  • Broad access to insurance markets
  • Expertise in problems unique to a geographic area
  • Financial strength that reflects sound business practices
  • A reputation for progressive business leadership and respect from the insurance industry and local/regional business community
  • Active participation and commitment to serve other Assurex Global Partners to solve client problems
  • A professionally qualified staff which is motivated to provide complete insurance, risk management and employee benefit service

Seeking more? Download Assurex Global’s “5 Reasons to Engage an Assurex Global Partner.”

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In this current healthcare landscape that is feeling constant volatility in rates, the ISBC provides Independent Schools a true cost containment solution that combats the healthcare problem. Instead of fighting the same battle each year at renewal of increasing deductibles to keep costs down, the ISBC is a tremendous solution for schools to curb the trend increases and truly take control of their insurance program. From implementation to day to day service, the ISBC team does a tremendous job servicing their schools and taking care of their most precious asset, the employees.” Logan Young, Employee Benefits Advisor, The Crichton Group