The ISBC Advantage


Imagine an employee benefits plan that is flexible, transparent and allows your school to retain 100% of unused claim dollars.  The Independent School Benefits Consortium (ISBC) embodies that vision.

The ISBC was created by your fellow independent school leaders in response to rising cost of healthcare and the desire to take control of their health insurance spend.

It is an employee benefit solution that focuses on cost control and cultivating a healthy work environment, managed by heads of schools, financial officers and HR personnel.

The ISBC was created in 2003 by 24 member schools that are still in the program today.  Built on a national platform, the ISBC has a track record of performing well-below market cost.

Financial Leverage & Stability

In response to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates and changing market conditions, the ISBC transitioned to an alternative funding arrangement. Through this funding arrangement, existing ISBC schools experienced a significant reduction in the increase of their renewal rates in 2014 and have avoided key components of the ACA including insurance carrier fees, premium taxes and the impact of community rating; especially felt today by smaller schools.

The ISBC platform allows for benefit design flexibility, complete data transparency and opportunities to stabilize or reduce the long-term cost of health insurance.

There can be challenges when changing broker relationships. When you join the ISBC you will be working with a trusted partner in your marketplace that understands your schools needs and culture and who works aggressively on your behalf.  We have an exclusive partnership with Assurex Global, a network of prominent independently owned insurance brokerage & consulting firms throughout the country.

We partner with these firms because they know independent schools in your area and will work closely with you to evaluate the right employee benefits package for long-term success, stability and ease of administration.

Beyond Insurance to a Comprehensive Strategy

In addition to insurance offerings for faculty and staff, the ISBC provides of full range of service that truly advances your organization and empowers your employees.  We provide superior service and highly specialized advice to address critical risk management needs.  Our expert advisors/consultants work collaboratively with you to create a tailored, innovative solution to protect your most important asset – your employees.